Monday, June 3, 2013

Interview with Giulia Bersani

Giulia Bersani is a 20 year old Milan-based photographer who primarily shoots with an old analog Zenit camera. We asked Giulia to tell us more about herself and her personal photography.

Hi Giulia, can you introduce yourself?
Hi! I’m a 20 year old dreamy (and naïve) girl and I live in Milan. I’m really sensitive; I’m in love with life but at the same time I’m never in equilibrium.

Why, when and how did you become a photographer?
I don’t think there is a moment when you become a photographer... I think we all are potential photographers. If you mean when photography became so important, it has been a gradual change started one and half years ago. I just had some images in my head and I started to look for them with my camera. I had the luck to meet some lovely patient girls who trusted me and encouraged me.

What are film cameras you use? And do you remember what was your first film camera?
Now I use a Zenit 122 and I started with a Zenit AM. I feel really comfortable with those cameras because they are simple and really resistant, even if they are heavy and if it’s hard to focus. I think it is a matter of personal taste.

Your photograph mainly girls, why?
I think it is because I can see myself in them. I can imagine to be free..

Can you tell us what place does photography have in your everyday life?
Of course. In this moment it is really important. Even if I still don’t know nothing about my future I can’t help thinking mainly at photography, every day. It is something which help me constantly and at the same time it demands a lot of time.

Do you have any tips for someone who’s just picking up a film camera?
Yes, don’t ask tips about which camera is the best. I think there is not a best one nor a worse one. You should just ask for example to some friends who own film cameras to let you try some of them, and then just think at which one you personally liked more.

Giulia, thank you for the interview.

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