Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Interesting Photographs of Kodak's Labs and Stores Around The World

With the slogan "you press the button, we do the rest," George Eastman put the first simple camera into the hands of a world of consumers in 1888. In so doing, he made a cumbersome and complicated process easy to use and accessible to nearly everyone.

Kodak is best known for photographic film products. During most of the 20th century Kodak held a dominant position in photographic film, and in 1976 had a 90% market share of photographic film sales in the United States. The company's ubiquity was such that its tagline "Kodak moment" entered the common lexicon to describe a personal event that demanded to be recorded for posterity.

Kodak began to struggle financially in the late 1990s as a result of the decline in sales of photographic film and its slowness in transitioning to digital photography, despite having invented the core technology used in current digital cameras. As part of a turnaround strategy, Kodak focused on digital photography and digital printing.

Here, a selection of interesting photographs of Kodak's labs and stores around the world. Just click through the links we have already added to each images to find out more about their locations.

photo paradise by Ron Layters

The Photo Shop by Roadsidepictures

Kodak by Dr Rubberfunk

Krauss Photo Shop by jschumacher

The Photo Shop by beeater

Kodak 01_26_09 IMG_2681 by stingraysballcoach

defunct photo shop by frankie14850

Photo Market by Nate Madore

Old Фoto shop by Ainav..

kodak - "photoshop" by china.sixty4

Kodak by rhys.baker

Kodak store by grayhex

Kodak store,nr Ouazazate, Morocco 5 by Dan Bernard 131 Design Ltd…

Light My Way To Kodak by Coquine!

Kodak Photo Studio, Camera and Photo shop in Mombasa Town. by One more shot Rog

Kodak Flag by Muggeridge Photography

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