Thursday, June 13, 2013

Evelyn - 5 things I love about Film

Evelyn is a photographer based-in Singapore. She enjoys film photography and travelling very much, and shares her experiences regarding the two in her blog, The Present Is.
"There are many reasons why I like film photography, and the main 5 are highlighted below."
1. Film makes me want to embrace not just its strengths, but its limitations as well. I love how precious every picture is just because there is a chance that the roll doesn't turn out. It could due to a winding spool that got stuck, a viewfinder that got glassy from age, film that has expired, or over/under-exposure.

2. It helps me appreciate life’s little wonders. Film photography slows me down and makes me see, not just look at, things. The tiny wild flowers amongst the tall grasses, the reflections of the world in the puddle of water by the roadside, and the arrangement of clouds - they are all beautiful if you’d only stopped to take a closer look at them.

3. The anticipation involved. Like many other film enthusiasts, I enjoy the process of framing a picture with my film camera, taking the picture, forgetting what I took, and be surprised by what I had taken all over again.

4. I love how it flirts with light. Sometimes the best pictures in a roll are the over-exposed ones. Funny how light can never be too much when it comes to film photography.

5. I strive for the best picture each time I press the shutter. Unlike film, digital for me has always been about taking pictures without thinking at all and then filtering out the unwanted ones until the last one left. With film, everything is wanted and I hope earnestly that every picture turns out.

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