Saturday, June 1, 2013

Danielle Hughson - 5 things I love about Film

Danielle Hughson aka manyfires is a veterinarian, writer and photographer based-in Portland, Oregon. She shoots mostly film and first picked up a camera around the age of 12 with a slim little 110 camera. She hotographs primarily with a Hasselblad 500 C/M, but is known to wield a pinhole camera, a Holga and a 35mm as well. Below are five reasons why Danielle still shoots film with some of her wonderful photographs.

1. I’m in love with the depth that film offers, especially the medium formats. There’s something that is just more tangible about those photographs.

2. I also love the process… there’s an element of nostalgic romanticism involved in the loading and unloading of a roll of film, in the manual adjustment of aperture and shutter speed, and of course in that (seemingly endless at times) period of waiting between the click of the shutter and the print in my hand.

3. Film forces me to think more, as each and every frame counts. And when I’m thinking more, I’m seeing better, deeper, into the nature of things. There’s a connection that I end up making with a place or a subject that doesn’t seem to exist, at least for me, with digital.

4. The cameras. The first time I picked up a Hasselblad camera, I fell just a little bit in love. And I continue to do so, every time I hold that camera in my hands. I also adore my plucky pinhole camera and my steady, solid Nikon F100.

5. Lastly, and this is entirely sentimental, but here it is: I love the fact that film actually absorbs and records light. A fellow photographer brought this thought up years ago, and he’s right: I like to think of those negatives actually containing light itself, recorded and remembered forever, fragments of encapsulated time. Photography is all about documenting the moments, the light, the essence of a place… and those negatives do so in a way that goes beyond digital sensors.

Much more of her wonderful work can be found on her Flickr photostream. And if you love Danielle's photographs, you can buy some of them on her Getty Image page.

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