Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cool Polaroid Portraits of 1990's Alt Rock Stars

Johnny Riggs worked as a DJ at WHFS in Baltimore/Washington D.C. from 1992-2000, XM Radio from 2000-2002, and now works again at WHFS. He also met a lot of musicians when he played in the bands Cinnamon Toast and Trampoline.
"I've been taking photographs for hundreds of years. After photography classes in college & lots of time spent developing my own pictures, I always ended up liking the Polaroid test shots more than the final product.
So I bought lots of Polaroid Captiva cameras and special lenses in the early 90s and never looked back. Since then I've taken hundreds of closeup shots of famous & not-so-famous faces."
These portraits were taken with a Polaroid Captiva and uploaded to his flickr page which contains a stockpile of close-up Polaroids of all your fave ’90s alt rock stars. Please click on each image to find out more of its infomation.

Art Alexakis of EVERCLEAR

Joey Ramone

Nina Gordon

Snoop Dogg

Jeff Buckley on Johnny Riggs Show / Rare unpublished photo

Gwen Stefani

Liam Gallagher

Frankie Muniz


Liz Phair


Nina Persson

Wayne Coyne

Andrew W.K.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Anthony Kiedis

Fatboy Slim a.k.a. Norman Cook

Steve Buscemi

Samuel L. Jackson

Dean DeLeo / Stone Temple Pilots

See more these cool Polaroid portraits by Johnny Riggs on his set Polaroid Captiva Portraits on Flickr.

(via Rolling Stone)

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