Monday, June 3, 2013

Classic & Vintage Cars

Every old camera should take one picture of an old car. Here is a collection of beautiful photos of classic and vintage cars. All they were taken by various film cameras.

Red car by Harris Hui (in search of light)

Old car by Johannes Huwe

vintage car by december seventeen

by E_Mack

1950 Ford Custom Vintage Car - Rolleiflexed by Rob McKay Photography

Retro by Oli Mille

every old camera should take one picture of an old car by Matt Chalky Smith

Oak Ridge Car Show 02 by lancekingphoto

Alfa Romeo Spider Old-timer by nicowestlicht

Economy car by xfolkboat

Nothing Moves You by patrickjoust

Old Time, Good Time by Inside_man

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  3. Any vintage car lover will enjoy seeing this amazing collection. There are many models of antique vehicles here, but people would like to see at least one Mercedes 190 SL. It is classic, elegant and refine.

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