Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Bill's Film" by Ben Miller

William (Bill) Creviston was the father of Magi, a friend of photographer Ben Miller. After Bill passed on from this life, his daughter found five rolls of unexposed film in his refrigerator.
"I'm in regular contact with his daughter Magi. She enjoyed viewing the photos from his film and continues to enjoy my photography in general." Ben says.
Ben had met Bill and had spoken to him several times. Ben is a chemist by trade and they enjoyed talking about science the few times Ben was around him.
"He loved to travel. In honor of him I took his five rolls to Europe and shot them through a Leica M6 with a 50 mm Summicron."

"I've been struggling regarding how I wish to move forward with this collection of captures. I've considered making a book and giving a copy to each member of his family. It would be a major expense. Life gets busy. I may still pursue this idea of course."
To see more of Ben Miller's work, you can visit his website and his Tumblr.

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