Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beautiful Analog Photographs of Hands

Hands are amazing things, life would be so much more difficult without them. As you can see from these stunning analog photographs of hands, a little attention to lighting and some skill with a camera can give you some great results – even with something as mundane as a person’s hands.

90/365. guess she gave you things i couldn't give you. by dejah greene

Flying leaf. by -MRGT

by Celeste Ortiz

by Abby Billington

by skippedheartbeats

summer.. by anhsphoto_busy!!

Reggae stuffs by Kua Ky Kuc

by Mariam Sitchinava.

by Leanne Surfleet

° by 333Bracket

by Lui h

by cabinadelafoto

Show your wounds,I'm bored with mine; by Forever A Sleepwalker

take me anywhere, I don't care by Marla Rae McKenna

I Want All of You by Emma Carson

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