Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Angela Blumen - 5 things I love about Film

Angela Blumen is a designer and photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She shoots mostly film and captures atmospheres and people around her.
"I photograph mostly when I travel, or when I'm going on day-to-day adventures; aesthetic photography is probably what I am aiming for, also I like capturing photos that carry a certain nostalgia. Although, at the moment I am shooting more fashion, more organized and prepared photographs (but it's just because I'm on a 9-5 internship in a boring city and I am just waiting to go traveling). So look out for warm and soft photographs from southern France and Spain around August."
Here, 5 reasons why she shoots analog:

1. I think it's more of an art shooting analog since you don't really know how the photos will turn out. Some of my cameras don't have a light-o-meter and 90% of the time I guess the shutter speed etc. It's more intuitive that way!

2. The colours turn out way better, the light is captured more natural, more authentic.

3. Analog photography lasts longer. Even if my external hard drive dies I still have the negatives and those are difficult to destroy!

4. By buying film I keep Kodak alive, and I really like Kodak and I am happy they are focusing on analog photography now! (It's a bit like with vinyls!)

5. My favourite artists shoot film!

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