Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Americans Bought 35 Million Rolls of Film Last Year

Photo by Lala Qurra H

These days, every cellphone comes with a camera, you can buy a point-and-shoot digital camera for under $100 and high-end DSLRs and mirrorless cameras capture amazing photos. Considering that digital images appear instantly, you can edit and share them online or print them an infinite number of times without losing quality, there’s little reason to use an old-fashioned film camera. According to an article from Yahoo! News, Americans bought 35 million rolls of film last year.

It seems like a lot, but in 1999 (the peak of film production), more than 800 million rolls were sold in the United States alone, according to USA Today. But still there's a good news! As in 2011, 20 million rolls were sold. That means there was an increase almost double in the amount of film sold from 2011 to 2012.

Thanks @Wilhelm Person for the tip. (via Pdexposures.TV)

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