Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Amazing Hexomniscope Photographs by Cory Lum

Cory Lum is a photojournalist spending time between Yokohama, Japan and Honolulu, Hawaii. His photos have appeared in, The New York Times, COSTCO Connection, European PressPhoto Agency, Getty Images, LIFE.COM, Polaris Images, and more.

Cory Lum with a hexomniscope camera

By using a hexomniscope camera, Cory captured some amazing photographs that you can see below in this article. The hexomniscope is a handmade camera, made from a solid billet piece of aluminum by maestro at Abelson scope works, Massachusetts, US. It's an all metal six-pinhole roll film camera producing 360 degree panoramas. The camera uses 120 roll film, 4 shots on a roll with an aperature of about f/180 or so. You can find out more infomation about the hexomniscope camera here.

More of Cory Lum's work on his website, blog and Flickr photostream.

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