Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Wonderful Land" by David Benjamin Sherry

Wonderful Land is a new series of analog photographs taken by photographer David Benjamin Sherry over the course of several months while he travelled through the Western and Southwestern states, recording scenes of the American landscape, in exceptional detail. Through a painstaking darkroom process, Sherry transformed these photographs of national parks, monuments, and familiar panoramas into impossibly chromatic and passionate renditions of the country.

Sherry traversed these feral regions equipped with a large format, handmade, wooden camera. Using an f/64 aperture, he was able to capture photographs that were evenly sharp from foreground to background. This exposure setting was an aperture used by Group f/64, a group comprised of seven 20th century photographers, including Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, whose pictures were characterized by carefully framed images captured in sharp focus – often of the American West. The result of Sherry’s technical process, photographing parallel subject matter, delivers prints that are hyper-real in their detail, exposing an infinite depth.

(© David Benjamin Sherry. Courtesy of the artist and OHWOW Gallery, via American Photo)

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