Thursday, May 9, 2013

Things I Love Thursdays: Vintage Cameras!

Things I Love Thursdays! is a Flickr group all about sharing the Flickr love! There's so much inspiration and community on Flickr, and it's time to celebrate it. And, in the vein of's weekly "Things I Love Thursday" column, this group is also about celebrating the little things in life -- what do you LOVE today?

The rules are simple:
  • Every Thursday, use Fd's Flickr Toys Mosaic Maker (or a similar program) to make a collage of some of your favorite Flickr shots - from other Flickr members.
  • It can be a themed collection, a bunch of your favorites, or shot representing things you are loving this week. Whatever you decide is fine! These favorites can be recent or not - be creative, it's up to you.
  • Remember to credit the original photographer- promote another person's work!
  • Repeat as you wish.
Things I Love Thursday: Vintage cameras by fraley_tera

Things I Love Thursdays by joanac

Cameras by _cassia_

TILT - Do you like BROWNIE? by Teka e Fabi®

Things I love Thursdays - Vintage cameras by Rachel.Celeste

Things I Love Thursday - Vintage Cameras by Andrea McClain

Things I love Thursday - creative photos with Polaroids by ania-maria

Thursday love ♥ Cute passion ♥ by Isabel Pavía

Things I Love Thursdays! Vintage Cameras by CarolynHaines

TILT - girl with camera! by Nulka

tilt - you and your camera by Suzi Marshall

Thursday love ♥ Vintage cameras ♥ by Isabel Pavía

TILT: Take another picture with your click, click, click, camera by jilleatsapples

Things I Love Thursdays: Vintage Camera's by DiPics

Things I Love Thursday (7/30) by Kelly West Mars

Things I Love Thursday- Vintage Cameras by greenwatermelon

Things I Love Thursday (2/18) by Kelly West Mars

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