Friday, May 3, 2013

Taking Bicycle Handlebar Pictures while Cycling

Photography is a great passion, cycling is another one.

Ride with one hand (or none) and take pictures with the other is most dangerous and not recommended, although some of us have done it. While we do some handling when eating or drinking on the bike while riding, it's much simpler to manipulate the water bottle than taking pictures which requires to switch on the camera, aim and when aiming, to still ride the bike with limited vision.

Below are some of interesting analog pictures of bicycle bars were taken while cycling.

by edscoble

_no brakes by gaëtan rossier [trucnul]

faster faster by raquel fialho

by Kid_Curry

Fall ride by T. VOLK

Urban Mobility by Tomorrowville

Peugeot 5000 Competition by Alex F Burgess

Riding No hang with Hasselblad by Wen Cheng Liu

Going somewhere by SuperEvilBrian

Cycle by Quiet Corners

Look mom, no hands! by ill, not sick

ride my bicycle by natalienerksa

by Rhodri M

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