Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stereo Realist Samplr

Designed by Seton Rochwite and made by the David White Company, the Stereo Realist is the best selling Stereo Camera of all time. Below are some of examples taken by Stereo Realist cameras.

Boat and Sacred Dancing Waters in 3D by turbguy - pro

Custer State Park, South Dakota =stereo by depthandtime

Baby - Realist found photo - crossview by fenderslash

Mom in the Water by Steve Kass

Caution Overhead Artillery with Rainbow - Hawaii - Realist 45 - Kodachrome 200 - 3D Stereo Pair by divewizard

Stacey (cross-eye) by Kim Scarborough

mickeymoose by Rob Cruickshank

Ruins of Pecos Pueblo. Pecos National Monument, New Mexico. *** stereo 3-d cross-eye by zadro

Newest Loreo stereo lens (9008) mounted on an vintage Pentax ME 35mm shown in crossview by sharper3d

Who said life's not easy? Crossview 3D by matias_e

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