Friday, May 10, 2013

Sheena She - 5 things I love about Film

Sheena She is a make-up artist based in NJ/NYC. She's a creator, and also the founder of Chainsaws & Jelly, a site dedicated to all of the creative people around the world.

Consider Sheena an analog enthusiast and "don't like to call myself a photographer." She shoots photos on film and shares them with a small story on her Tumblr's photo blog, Queen Of Anti-Social. Here, you can find 5 main reasons why she's still shooting film:

1. I grew up on film and I always enjoy the impatient person I become waiting for the photos to get developed. It's like I'm a little kid waiting for the ice cream truck to come around the block.

2. I love the translation of film. The nostalgia! It has more character, more emotion, more feel to it than digital in my opinion. I know you can replicate the feel of film through digital by filters and editing on Photoshop but it's still different somehow in my opinion.

3. It teaches me to be a better photographer. I like the idea how I can't see my photos until they are processed. Being self taught, I'm learning and experimenting. Again, I know it's much easier through digital but I like the challenge.

4. I still shoot film because I don't want it to ever get extinct! So I support the habit!

5. I love finding my old prints from family photos to my school days. It gives a special warm feeling in my heart that I can't say the same when seeing digital photos on a computer screen.

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