Friday, May 3, 2013

Maria - 5 things I love about Film

Maria, aka My Analogue Journey, is a 33 year-old photographer who lives in Italy, between Pavia and Milan. Maria has always loved photography ever since she was a child when she had fun with her first camera: Olympus Trip MD.
"When digital photography started to spread, I never felt particularly involved. And after some attempt to shoot with my compact digital camera, I just quit and went back to film where I feel I belong.
I still consider myself a “newbie” because there are so many things that I have to try and learn about photography... But I do love shooting with vintage cameras, especially with Polaroid SX70, with Canon T70 and AE1, and with my beloved Ferrania Eura which is the camera that has definitely opened my eyes to a new analogue vision of the world."
Here are her five reasons for shooting film:

1. The way film gives you back what your mind has imagined before, in terms of colours, grain, and shades. Its warmth, which is something unique and intimate, so far from digital perfection.

2. The fact that you have to stop and concentrate. You don’t have a digital screen to preview your picture. It all depends on you and your mind.

3. Shooting film helps you to understand the light, and that it’s all about light. You understand when it’s time to shoot and when not.

4. The “flaws” of film. Light leaks, marks, burns, big grain. I love them so much! As it is stated on my blog by my personal quote: “I ♥ lo-fi photography. Digital perfection bores me. Analogue flaws excite me.”

5. The variety of films and cameras. It’s good to play with different cameras and different films and see what happens by matching a specific camera with a specific film. Pure fun!

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