Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jeune & Poli zine

Jeune & Poli is a photo analog zine of two self taught photographers Juliette Gaudino and Michel Nguie from Bordeaux, France. Jeune & Poli #2 is, like you imagined, the second edition of their first issue of the zine. The first edition was two month ago and has some good echoes, so they decided to make a second one.

The basic concept of the zine is to write a poem. They are very influenced by music in thei respective work, this is why the image of a four hands pianist is good for us. Like a musician who writes his song, without any rule of pre considered movement, they write photographs.
"We talk about the same thing that the first issue, we have the same concept. The concept is to write poetry through the reality of things we encounter in our everyday lifes. For us, reality for reality isn't interesting, in the same way that aesthetics for aesthetics doesn't mean anything. We guess you have to find the perfect combination of the two to make a good photograph. But in itself, a photograph, because it's an image, is immediately idealized, because imagination is to us the base of understanding and analyzing. But you do it unconcienscly: simply because you are the viewer watching something, here, one of our photographs."
"So we use the reality, and the beauty of it. What you see everyday without noticing. We think we bring the small necessary amount of beauty in our photos to make the reality looking interesting. There is also the personal amount we put in each zine. Every photo we make is truly a part of ourselves, even if you in the other part of the world, doesn't know us at all. For example the guy in his bed in the double page is Juliette's brother, so it's very sentimental, but you didn't know that. Well now you do. One French photographer (Édouard Boubat) has said something we stick to: "photography is expressing an act of gratefulness". But once again, we don't want to talk a lot about ourselves, because hedonistic images are useless. The viewer is extremely important for us, this is also why the zine is free."

But photography is also a pure act of selfishness. You're alone behind your camera. You want your image to be as beautiful as possible. You'll also find in Jeune & Poli abandoned places like the swimming pool or the chair, or the sunset on the double page. Exploring space is also a way to be more democratic than taking pictures of Juliette's brother, they show things everyone sees, through our eyes. But you know, even a photo of an abandoned chair they make it personal, because it's through our eyes.

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