Saturday, May 18, 2013

Interview with Nina Ahn

Born on a Southern island in South Korea in 1980, moving to Seoul in 2005 to work. Nina Ahn is a film photographer with no dominant style preference, but she enjoys taking candid street photos. She prefers to capture spontaneous and strange situations which appeal to her.

Nina worked for a large Korean music company, but has recently become a full time freelance photographer after returning from a year traveling. She lived in Istanbul, Turkey, Kyoto, Japan and Yorkshire, England where she produced she first solo photography book with Labas before returning back to Korea to continue her photography.

Hi Nina, can you introduce yourself?
I’m a film photographer who was born in 1980 and living in Seoul, South Korea.

Why, when and how did you become a photographer?
I don't know when I became accepted as proper photographer. I really often took snap photos in 2006 whenever I had free time after work. I recently decided to become a full time freelance photographer from this year, because I started to feel I need more time for producing what I really want after I traveled abroad all through the year. This was big decision of my life so far.

What film cameras do you use and which is your favourite?
For now, Canon AE-1, Konica Hexar AF. I love both, and I can not choose only one. I usually use AE-1 for girl's portrait. This is amazing for capturing soft skin and light. Hexar is fantastic for snapshot, silent and fast, accurate forcusing. Also Konica lens is good for getting absolutely unique & mellow color when you use flash together.

Your photograph mainly girls, why?
I absolutely love boy's portrait more than girls. Take me young and beautiful boys. That's my present goal to achieve. When i was interested in photography, I just started taking friends and family snapshot. I'm the first child of three daughters. Everytime I found nice guys, the relationship got too complicated to keep the friendship, haha... The main reason is most of my photo works are based in my personal realationship.
Now I have only a fiance who will marry in September, so he is my only male model. Maybe I should find some solution after marriage?

What place does film photography have in your everyday life?
Wherever my eyes light.

What tips can you give other film photographers?
Experiment! Don't be afraid failing some rolls. Catch if you want. I think I've been doing all right till now. At least enjoying well playing with camera. I still failed sometimes. :)

Nina, thank you for the interview.

More of Nina Ahn's work can be found on her website, Tumblr and Flickr photostream.

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