Sunday, May 26, 2013

Interview with Lisa Overdose

Lisa Overdose, aka ACID FOOL on Flickr is a 21 year old film photographer based-in London, UK. We asked Lisa to tell us a bit about herself and her work on film photography. Now take a look to the interview.

Hi Lisa, can you tell us a little about yourself, and why ACID FOOL on Flickr?
I can't really tell a lot about myself, I never know what to say. I'm 21 and I find it easier to communicate my feelings through photographs and texts than to do it face to face.

ACID FOOL... Okay, if I'm completely honest, a friend set up the account for me. I didn't know what to call myself and I listened to Cat Power a lot, and Fool was my favourite song. I felt - and I still do- so identified with "fool", that word, and what it means. Acid it's just because I am so bitter, despite of what people may think when they see my pictures.

Since when do you do photography? Why you shoot mostly film?
I remember being so young, like 9, and having plastic film cameras. I took photos of my bird and the sky, mostly. But I really considered it as something important later, more or less when I started to post photos on Flickr.

When I shoot film I do it for myself. It's like something so personal. Nowadays it's so expensive compared to digital and everybody is in a hurry, so they can't wait to get the photographs developed. I think it's magic. Even when you don't develop them yourself, when you get the photographs, that feeling, is indescribable. I like to get the prints as well, that's something that I miss with digital photography, you just leave your photos in your computer. With film you also get that candid result, those unexpected effects, that photograph you didn't remember taking... I love film.

What film cameras do you use and which is your favourite? Is there a film you like best?
I have a few film cameras. The one I like the most is a Minolta 400si. I have a Yashica and a Balda Baldix and I also have some Lomographic ones, like the Diana F+, the Actionsampler or the Supersampler. I also have a few old cameras that my friends gave me when they found them in their houses. I'm loving Polaroids and Fujifilm Instax lately!

I usually get film in Lomography stores or expired film wherever. I don't really care too much, I like trying new rolls. I tried the red scale one, so cool!

Do you have a favorite photographer?
One of my favourite photographers has to be Olivia Bee. She's younger than me and she is amazing, she was such an inspiration when I started taking photographs. I like so much Ellen von Unwerth and Ryan McGinley. I also have many friends that are photographers as well and I love looking at their work.

What gives you inspiration?
I like looking at photographs on magazines, also on Tumblr. I have my own account there and I reblog all the stuff I like. I also get inspired by things that happen or things people say. I can get inspired in the frozen section of a grocery store when I see a girl looking for pizza. And many times I forget about it. I need to do it inmediatly or write it somewhere.

Do you have any tips for someone who’s just picking up a film camera?
I woud recommend not to be afraid. The first roll doesn't have to be good. If you never try you'll never know if you're good. Take as many pictures as you need, write down the results with the settings you used if you wanna make sure the next roll is gonna be perfect. I hate when people are scared of shooting because it's film... Film is amazing, but you have to expose it. You have to expose it to what you have in your mind.

Lisa, thank you for the interview.

See more of Lisa's work on her Flickr photostream and Facebook page.

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