Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Flickr Samplr #12: Hasselblad V

Hasselblad has confirmed that the last 503CW has rolled off the production line, bringing an end to over half a century of cameras of the Hasselblad V system. Here is a small selection of medium format photographs were taken by various Hasselblads of the Hasselblad V system that uploaded to our Flickr group's pool.

If you're not a part, just go ahead over to our Flickr group, become a member and start adding your images to get a chance of featuring your work in our Flickr Samplr showcases.

*** by olga astratova

Return To Innocence . by NAMPESCADO

pepper & pumpkin by manni39

GoussainLivres by Vincent Montibus

merry christmas by ragega!!ery™

Winter birches double by

Montmartre by Fabio Sabatini

Summer time by Kiyouyou

暗闇から照らせ by koion

ロウバイ by _miqqi

Berlin 2012 CDVIII by __Daniele__

呼 声 by talowww

Farm by tyosshiman

pulse by fuzuki2

sakura by Shintaro*

in twilight by TAT_hase!

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