Thursday, May 23, 2013

Caroline Sauvage - 5 things I love about Film

Caroline Sauvage is a graphic designer and photographer based-in Lille, France. She's also co-creator at Hello i'm Wild. Below are 5 things why Caroline loves shooting film.

1. It teaches me to be patient: A film is precious, I try to take care of it and make it capture the best images possible. So I do not hesitate to wait for the right time, to be in the right place, when the light is optimal and it beautifies what I want to photograph.

2. It makes me better: Film is not an SD card, the limited number of exposures taught me to observe, to watch something from all angles, to think more longer while composing my picture, to be sure it will be perfect.

3. It's always like a Christmas present: Several weeks passed before I develop a film, and I often forget that I captured. Thus, when I leave the lab, I'm still excited as a child to see the surprise will reserve that new development.

4. It's real: Film is naturally beautiful, you don't need to edit your photos on your computer. All the photo work is when you take it and not after. Film quality is always faithful to what we see in our viewfinder.

5. It will never die: Everyone can give a new life to an old camera. My camera is actually thirty years old and I am is second user. I hope it will live many more years of adventures with me, and perhaps other generations.

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