Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Basic Methods to Take an Interesting Self-Portrait

There are lots of self-portrait shooting methods, but here are 4 basic methods to take a self-portrait.

Mirror shots
The only thing you have to do is to find a mirror. It doesn’t matter where it’s actually located, in your bathroom, in your car or somewhere outside on the street. The main point is, it has to match your requirements, because you’re not only taking a picture of yourself, but capturing your beloved camera as well. Don’t forget to turn the flash off – however, this point is not necessary.

Stretch out your hand!
One of the easiest ways is simply point and shoot! Just stretch out your hand and – snap! – the picture’s ready. What can be easier? If you want to use this method, it will be much better if your camera’s lens are wide enough.

Catching water reflections
Another great way to take a self-portrait? Find a nice puddle and capture your reflection! You will get excellent results if you take this kind of self-shots on a sunny day.

Capturing shadows
If you’re too shy to show yourself to the world, but you really want to have your very own self-portrait, this method is for you! Simply take a picture of your own shadow!

(via Lomography)

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