Saturday, May 25, 2013

Anh Huy - 5 things I love about Film

Born in 1975, Hanoi/Vietnam based architect and photographer Anh Huy first got his film camera since 12/12/2012, it's a Nikon FM with a NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4 AI-s lens. "I got 2 more of film cameras for now, they're Olympus OMG and Praktica MTL5b." Huy says.

And here, 5 reasons why he loves shooting film:

1. B (Body). I love film cameras and their designs. But today, I don't think people still used them to give picturesque photographs. So I was finding out about film cameras and film photography. My first film camera was a Nikon FM and I love it so much.

2. C (Color). When I was researching about film photography, I know and I love the colors of images on this page so much. So I find out everything about film photography via Of course, there are some other websites/blogs related to film photography but chupanhdao is a useful blog for those who are searching for film photography.

3. D (Double exposure). I don't know much about photography so I might not know this technique if I didn't find out about film photography (later I have known that digital cameras have this technique too.) Many photographs were using double exposure or multi exposure techniques are awesome!

4. P (Price). It's cheap to own a film camera such as my Nikon FM. Prices for films and developing them in the lab are cheap too. There are cheap prices for various films, it's favorable for new analogue shooters.

5. S (Scan). Learning about film photography, I have known there are some labs can scan films to digital files. It's a big advantage for amateurs like me. Without them I'm afraid to join shooting film.

See more of Anh Huy's work on his Flickr photostream.

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