Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wonderful Portraits Made Of Discarded Negatives by Nick Gentry

Nick Gentry is a British artist from London. Much of his artistic output has been generated with the use of contributed artefacts and materials. He is best known for his floppy disk paintings, placing an emphasis on recycling and the reuse of personal objects as a central theme.

His new negative series entitled "XChange" will run at Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami from 13 April 2013 through 4 May 2013. The exhibition will showcase a new series of floppy disc portraits, as well as light box portraits, which are created by layering film negatives and x-rays backlit by LED strips. "It's like painting with light," Gentry explains. "This medium creates not only an emotional history, but also a biological one."

(Images courtesy of Nick Gentry)

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