Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wonderful Long Exposure Photographs of Airplane Trails

Kevin Cooley, 1975, USA, is a landscape photographer and video artist especially known for his night photography. In 2000 he received an M.F.A. Photography at The School of Visual Arts in New York. He often uses man made light sources creating unusual and strong effects.

In his project nachtfluge, Kevin made long exposure photographs of airplanes taking off or landing creating bizarre stripes and dots in the sky. The photographs were shot using a Linhof Technikardan 45s large format (4×5) camera and a 135mm Schneider Apo-Symmar lens. Aperture was set at f/22, and the shutter was left open for up to four or five minutes for each shot (or in some cases much longer than that).

(nachtfluge by Kevin Cooley, via PetaPixel)

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