Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Theo-Roids" - Polaroid Portraits of a Son Growing Up by Gal Harpaz

Born in Israel in 1971, Gal Harpaz lives with his wife, son and their two dogs in L.A., where he's made a career of freelance assisting on productions with a large gamut of the world's leading photographers. Gal has a long-time love for Polaroid cameras.
"Polaroid has been a personal tool of mine for many years. Longer than my professional career. The particular quality of its various films and instant result was the thing that gave me the confidence to manipulate it in various forms without fear, plunging me deep into experimenting my way through style self-discovery. No waiting around for film processing. I can always take another, and another and that’s it, I was hooked. Instant love. There were days that it was plentiful. Those days are no more. But the love remains."
In a series called Theo-Roids, he documents the life of his 9-year-old son Theo from day 2 on.

(Images courtesy of Gal Harpaz, via Jeremy Cowart)

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