Thursday, April 11, 2013

Katie Yang - 5 things I love about Film

Welcome back to Taipei/Taiwan based photographer Katie Yang, who is running a film photography blog at Curating Cuteness, where you’ll find wonderful daily photographs of some of her favorite things and places: flowers, coffee shops, family and friends.

We featured her interesting self-portraits with her film cameras here before. And now, here are 5 main reasons why she's still shooting film.

1. It makes me think. I was using digital cameras before I fell in love with film two years ago and honestly, when it comes to digital photography I don't really think - I decide. I look at the picture I took two seconds earlier and decide if I like it or not. Most times I don't and so I do it again and again until I do. That's what the delete button is for. When it comes to film, I think about the picture I'm about to make, with my eyes and my heart, and when it comes out, developed, I don't really have to decide if I like it. The picture just is.

2. It captures light in the most amazing ways. Film loves light; film depends on light. And light loves film back, so it gives film the best light leaks, the best over exposures, the best under exposures, the best correct exposures in the best ways possible.

3. It's a great conversation starter. Most people have no idea that people still shoot film, and I've met teenagers who have no idea what film is at all. It's a great chance to get people interested, more intrigued and less intimidated to have their pictures taken - strangers love film cameras!

4. It makes me better. Like for most other film photographers, film slows me down and makes me look for the beauty, big and small, that is our world. It leads me to so many reasons to be appreciative.

5. It might be dying so I need to be one those people not letting it die.

If you love Katie's work, you can buy some of her prints here or visit her handmade online shop. More of her work can be found here:

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