Thursday, April 4, 2013

George Barnes - 5 things I love about Film

George Barnes is a guerrilla filmmaker and photographer based in North Yorkshire, England. George only shoots film. And here, 5 main reasons why he loves shooting film:

1. The look: Film can capture emotions in images which all the sensor size and megapixels in the world couldn't manage, the depth and variation of colour can create a wonderfully nostalgic feeling. Also the limited 36 exposures makes sure you are careful when taking them and eliminates the need for photoshopping afterwards.

2. The feel: The physical feel of the cameras, made solidly out of metal with mechanical parts not electronic, the feeling of cranking a spool of film is far nicer than the whirr of a digicam.

3. Its Cheap (surprisingly): Yes film may seem expensive in shops, but buying bulk online really isn't too bad, and if you can pick up an SLR for £20 and a good lens for £40, why would you spend £400 on a low end digital, when the quality of a well taken film photo can far exceed that of digital.

4. The excitement: nothing can beat the anticipation of waiting to get pictures developed, your holiday can have been over for a week and seem only a distant memory but getting the snaps back from the developers instantly transports your mind back to another time.

5. The variation: There are thousands of different types of cameras out there, each with their own mechanism and different layout, unlike most digicams which all look much the same. so get out there and try them!

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