Friday, April 19, 2013

Flickr Samplr #11: Black & White

In early time photography was black-and-white or shades of sepia. Color photography was originally rare and expensive and again often less than true to life. Color photography became more common in the middle of the 20th century and has become even more common since.

Nowadays black-and-white has turned into a niche market for photographers who use the medium for artistic purposes. This can take the form of black-and-white film or digital conversion to grayscale, with optional digital image editing manipulation to enhance the results. For amateur use certain companies such as Kodak manufactured black-and-white disposable cameras until 2009. Also, certain films are produced today which give black-and-white images using the ubiquitous C41 color process.

Here in this post, we are not supposed to showcase the best black-and-white photos which have already submitted to our Flickr group's pool but we'll present an interesting collection of black-and-white photos taken by various photographers. If you want to explore more of wonderful black-and-white photos, you can find them with "black and white" or "bw" tags in our gourp's pool.

by Abby Billington

Wishing and waiting by Lisa-Marie Kaspar

by Gaby J Photography

beyond by Ivan.Pavlukhin

by I love film...

Grow from Shadow by mbenk2608

by chrisjeth.

the favorite by

000010 by adrian.celmer

Wall Art by sicknessclown

August 2011, Glacier by aaronvb

digitally analog by ╮(╯_╰)╭...

Black and White New Years Fireworks by Benicio Murray

Monochrome Ektachrome by polarisandy

by Leanne Surfleet

Pentax P30t HP5 400 Adonal 1+100 stand by Yayoboy©

[ One-Point Perspective ] by Jérémie Le Guen

Think of Hitchcock by Chan, Danny

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