Friday, April 5, 2013

Film Photography by Mariot Amber

Mariot Amber, aka Marishion is a young freelance film photographer from Riga, Latvia. Film works for her are just like heaven. "Every new roll makes my life for 35mm longer." Mariot says.
"I was interested in photography for all my life, 'cause my grandpa and mum were photographers. I got my first film camera from grandpa when I was 5, when he died. For a long time I was just looking at the device Kiev-4M with lens Jupiter-8M and had no idea how to use it.
First time I've tried I was 15 but what I got was horrible... almost all of them were too dark or too bright so I put camera on it's place and kept living.
For a long time I was exploring my grandfathers works wondering "how?" and set a goal to find "my angle". There were no any instructions for my camera in the internet and it was made in 1958 USSR but after 5-6 spoiled film rolls, thousands of questions for people who more or less connected with photography, studying all kinds of cameras and almost after three years, at the age 18 I have made my very first best works that I put on Flickr. Now it's almost year since my first GOOD works. And now I already have 4 cameras which are in active use." Mariot adds.

To see more of Mariot's work, visit her Flickr photostream.

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