Sunday, April 28, 2013

Christophe Carreau - 5 things I love about Film

Christophe Carreau is in charge of the graphical production for the Science directorate of the European Space Agency. Despite the fact that Christophe is producing 3d/2d digital renders every single day for his work, he exclusively shoots on film for his hobbies. This is the only way for him to keep his "little and fragile artistic flame" still alive, and to produce images that are still inspiring to him. Now just check it out 5 main reasons why Christophe loves shooting film.

1. Atmospheric depth. Film still preserves the atmospheric blur that necessarily occurs on Earth on distant scenery. This is the first and most natural sense of depth. Instead, digital cameras usually render backgrounds as sharp as foregrounds, like if this would in space with very brilliant and sharp distant stars. With film, no need to shoot with very expensive piece of glass at full aperture to blur the distant background.

2. Organic skin rendition. With film, the characters do not look like having a plastic or artificial skin.

3. Characters are naturally part of their environment. They aren't like cut out flat panels on a theater stage.

4. Black & white film: no match! Nothing beats the "chiaroscuro" response of a film, its contrasting power, its grain, its natural rendition of tones and skins (or marbles), its absolute lack of noise even when pushed to higher sensibility.

5. Shooting on film is striving for the best image every shot! I think first before I press the button, hence I'm actively composing my image. Shooting digital is getting rid of the hundreds of lousy shots, hoping that this will make the remaining one any better. Nope! With film, I do not feel I'm a file manager sorting our hundreds of files and managing hard drive space. With film, I feel I'm a photographer revealing light in a darkroom. I feel I'm painting with light. I feel I'm an artist.

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