Monday, April 8, 2013

Amazing Photos With Instant Peel-Apart Films

Peel-apart, or sometimes pack film (though, technically, most Polaroid film comes in a pack). Peel-apart differs from integral in that it requires a couple steps to develop the print. It's called peel-apart because after you pull it from the camera, you wait some time for the print to develop and you peel off the top paper to see your print.

In the below photos, expired peel-apart film has been played with to let the chemicals bleed messily onto its borders. This unpredictable process is always a bit of a gamble, and everything from the temperature, pressure applied, and age of the film itself will decide what you’re left with in the end.

by Megan Leonard

. by Rebecca...

minor swing by TommyOshima

Horse pals by nepumug

LadyDog by Bastiank80

canopy by abdukted1456

John by snacky.

by melissafreemantle

Jane & Will - group in 669 by shaneoneill77

Once I had wings by Loss of Light

Lovely Place ... by Fabrice Muller Photography

Hill's Cafe by bghfilm

(via Flickr Blog and moominstuff)

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1 comment :

  1. on a simple digicam the pics wouldnt look as nice as these :/
    a simple way to make a "good" foto by using analogue materials? its too simple!
    a really good foto is the one which looks good not only because its analogue. analogue should be just a final touch, not the essense.