Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wonderful 6x6 Medium Format Photography by Thomas Becker

Thomas Becker is a 29 year old photographer from Germany. Becker loves photography since he was in school where they had a darkroom and a caretaker who teached him and a few of his friends everything they wanted to know about analog photography after school.
"Most other kids didn´t understand why we wanted to stay longer than we had to but it was absolutely great and an experience I don´t want to miss. Later I bought some digital cameras (like everyone did, I suppose) but about two years ago I came back to film and I love it as much as I did when I was in school.
Most of the time I shoot Medium Format although a lot of cameras are around me since I came back to film. They are so amazingly cheap and even dream cameras are not out of reach anymore. So over the last 24 month I bought a Hasselblad, Rolleiflex and a lot more but I use primarily the Rolleiflex, my Mamiya 645 and an Olympus OM2 today. Sometimes, especially in bad weather, I take my Seagull TLR with me which always amazes me. Technically perfect images are not everything and the charme of the Seagull is something I like.
Although I shoot film I have no problem with using Lightroom and Photoshop if it helps me to express what I want to show people with my images."
Here are some of his wonderful 6x6 photos were taken with a Seagull TLR camera on a foggy day at the lake near his hometown.

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