Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vintage Cameras & Coffee

Film cameras and coffee are two of our favorite things. Here is a collection of wonderful photos included both of them for your inspiration.

Yashica Mat by Premshree Pillai

f2, heliar and 35mm by historicist

Trip au lait by Riccardo Mori

yashica mat x rolleiflex by historicist

Nikkormat & Coffee by Zuiko_Addict

Travel Photo Cafe Concept Photo by Patrick Ng

South Wedge Morning 2008-06-15 C&C by Zuiko_Addict

little one from germany by Suguru Nishioka

Good old American boy in a French cafe. by Suguru Nishioka

Kopi O Series : How To Make A Cuppa! Part 5 a.k.a Leica M6 by W M Soo

A night on my own by Lefty Jor

Coffee w/ Zenit ET by Khánh Hmoong

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