Monday, March 11, 2013

Tamara Jullien - 5 things I love about film

Tamara Jullien is a communication project manager and photographer from Paris, France. Tamara has been shooting for 6 years and started out in New-York with a digital camera then.
"When I came back in France I thought it would be nice to try one of the old camera waiting on my parents home and never stopped since then! Lately I’ve been enjoying medium format." said Tamara.
Below are her "5 things I love about film."

1. The very first photo of your film. It’s a surprise, you don’t really remember what it could be. It may be something nice or not as it’s often a little overexposed. This precious image is my “Madeleine de Proust”.

2. Every sound of your camera. The different metallic sound of the shutter which opens and closes. On the FM2 it’s kind of acute and on the medium format very bass.

3. How people look at you when you hold an old camera. In the street, it’s funny to see that people smile or let you more easily take a shot of them. Even sometimes it’s something to begin the conversation with a complete stranger.

4. Confidence. When I’m walking alone in a city, I feel more confident as I know what I’m doing and my senses are sharpened even though I don’t know where I’m heading.

5. Take your time. In our society everything is going fast and with film there is something different as you really take your time. You think twice about the frame and the composition.

More of Tamara Jullien's work on her Facebook and Behance pages.

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