Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oh My Films!

Another collection of bulk loaded rolls around.

365 - 303 - film addict by the brownhorse

Discards by dmmaus

canisters by maez

Wall of Film by Andy-Μartin

glad to have brought them... by lokicha

truckin' along in kodak city by tanjatiziana

The Berhalas by Tommy N. Armansyah

Canisters by Unexplained Bacon

Instant Healer by Renaldy Fernando

bulk loaded rolls (2006) by tokyo camera style

A film addict's dream by REM (rembcc)

days of processing film canisters by nickcummins

SAMSUNG SGH-i917_000483 by kodakcollector

Film Duomo by Carlos Cancela Pinto

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