Monday, March 25, 2013

Kodak Edupe Samplr

Kodak Edupe is a low-contrast color reversal duplicating film designed for making high-quality duplicates from originals on KODAK EKTACHROME or KODACHROME Films.

It features excellent color reproduction, extremely fine grain, and very high sharpness. Although its primary application is producing duplicate slides, you can also use this film for making copy slides of high-contrast color reflection prints.

Below are some of fantastic photos taken wirh Kodak Edupe films.

M * A * N by Loichtfeuer

27 by megalithicmatt

*** by Primus Singularis

Pixie on the path by Daz.

Erotic Rock by Old Sarge

Edinburgh by Sibokk

arkadiankatu sunset by pointlessphotographer

Running sheep by yarnzombie

radioactive by iNut

wet love by .f_}x{

Villa Claudia by Kaito Pictures

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