Monday, March 25, 2013

Interview with Naomi Wong

Naomi Wong is a young film photographer based-in the UK. She has already told us why she's still shooting film before. But today, we asked Naomi to tell us more about herself and her passion for film photography.

Hi Naomi, can you tell us more about you?
I'm seventeen and a student, currently studying photography and film. I'm hoping to study Filmmaking next year at university.

You’re analogue. Why?
Because analog photography is wonderful.

What is your favorite camera? Is there a film you like best?
My favourite equipment is my Pentax Me Super. I also use a few special lenses and a flash with different coloured filters. I'm a student and can't really afford film sometimes, so I just use the cheap ones I buy in bulk from Poundland. I used to steal rolls of film from the supermarket and feel guilty afterwards...

Who are your favorite film photographers?
I love Nan Goldin and Ryan McGinley. I also love William Gedney. He's very underrated and only gained momentum shortly after his death. I guess it was because he was very quiet and reserved as a person but nevertheless, an extremely interesting character and photographer.

Tell us about your influences and what inspires you?
I think my influences stem from a lot of things but mainly from films, especially those by Wong Kar-wai. I also like to look at images by other photographers for inspiration, the way they frame the composition within the image and how they manipulate light. Paintings also influence me, especially the pre-raphaelite movement.

Naomi, thank you for the interview.

To see more of Naomi’s work please check out her Tumblr and her Flickr photostream.

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