Monday, March 18, 2013

Interview with Ari Seg

Welcome back to Barcelona/Spain based photographer Ari Seg, who only shoots film with a Nikkormat and a Werlisa. We ask Ari to tell us a bit about herself and her film photography.

Hi Ari, can you introduce yourself?
Hello! I'm a 24 year old girl, living in Barcelona. I finished my graphic design studies last year and now I'm working as an intern in Reebok. I'm also the creator of joy girls.

How did you first get into photography? Why film?
Since my teenage years, I've been really interested in photography. Mostly, in fashion photography. My computer was always full of photos I found on blogs. That's why I started joy girls  to share all those photos and a certain aesthetic. But it was not until I finished my design studies and started shooting with my father's Nikkormat, I realized that maybe I could also create images that other people could like.

In the first photoshoot I did, I used three cameras. A digital one, a Nikkormat and a Werlisa. The photos of the analog cameras compared to the ones of the digital camera were so different. The analog ones we're just what I was looking for: the expired film gave so much personality to them and a magical touch. I was so glad that I decided stop using the digital camera and continue experimenting with analog photography.

What are film cameras do you use? Is there a film you like best?
I mostly use my father's Nikkormat and sometimes my mother's Werlisa. I also have an Anny camera (a Diana clone) but since I found the lovely Nikkormat I'm not using it anymore.

I love using expired film and I really want to try Kodak Portra! I have bought one and I'm waiting the perfect model and a sunny day to use it.

Talk to us about your background in photography?
I studied the subject of photography while studying design. But in that moment, it didn't caught my attention so much. It was very technique and the themes were very stipulated. What I like about doing photos is choosing the clothes, the locations, the concept, the models... The technique is the last think I'm thinking about when I'm doing photos. I know it's important, because you have to learn how a camera works to communicate. But it's the only thing isn't funny about making photos. My father have taught me a lot and I'm still learning! To get a good photo I have to do a lot more, but I am slowly learning and I really want to keep learning things. And the best way to learn them is doing more and more photos. I think it's a beautiful process.

What does film photography mean to you?
In the time I was looking for a job I had a lots of free time, and planning photoshoots was my favorite thing. Having a new reel became the best thing of the week. And it still is!

I see every photo, as an opportunity to create something. It's like a window to my mind, a way to explain my world. As long as you photograph what you want, it will always be your world. And in it, you will be free.

Any message for other film photographers? Or maybe a tip you would like to share?
Always be open to any situation and don't forget to carry your camera with you! You never know when or where you can find something inspiring.

Ari, thank you for the interview.

More of her work can be found on her Flickr photostream, Tumblr and Facebook page.

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