Friday, March 1, 2013

Give Film a Shot [Pictures]

"We are in the 21st century. The world has gone digital. It has changed the way we communicate, watch movies, listen to music and take photos. Nowadays you can take a photo on your mobile phone and it will already be on your home computer when you get home. Everything is synced in the cloud and computers are getting smaller and more portable. We used to talk about kilobytes and megabytes we now talk gigabytes and terabytes. Computing power keeps doubling every 18 months and the forward march of technology is seemingly unstoppable.
Who would dream of using a camera that doesn't require batteries to operate?" - +Emanuele Faja 
Inspired by the old article with the same title was wrtitten by +Emanuele Faja  a month ago, here are some interesting analog pictures featuring photographers holding their favorite film rolls.

SAKURACOLOR NEGATIVE100 by *dapple dapple

Susan's roll by KatherineKenny

by coffeestainsandcigarettes

all i need. by kamalisawesome

big love for the tiny one by ▼insk▲

some old negative films by Camila Ribas

by Boris Pokorni

♥♥♥ by Derek Corneau

Kodak 400 by sunny.lei

by Cak Bowo

by heidizzzzz

10-08-10 Someday When This Is Over We May Still Have No Answer by Βethan

film by melanieliew

film by Liis Klammer

by illude

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  1. Haha lovely :)

    Who would dream of using a camera that doesn't require batteries to operate? Me! :)

  2. I love and will always love shooting film....because film "forced" me to learn photography from its basic, and I very like the natural colour tone on a film scan, developed slide film, or wet prints :-) #filmisnotdead