Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Film Photography by Miriana Pinna

Miriana Pinna is a 20 year old photographer from from Italy. She currently lives in Gorizia to study. Miriana  started shooting film about one year ago after having stated the differences between digital and analog.
"I've been taking photographs for 6 years by using digital cameras but when I discovered some blogs about film photography, I thought "why not?". So, I looked for vintage cameras inside my closet and I discovered many of them (fortunately, my father used to shoot in film).
I soon fell in love with Lomography and I bought some plastc cameras as the Sprocket Rocket or the Action Sampler.
Actually, I've got 26 cameras and I hope to reach an higher number of them. Why my experience is it important? Because I'm the proof of the fact that two things considered equal by the people who don't care (such as digital photography and analog), can give a totally different level of passion. In my opinion, shooting with film offers the opportunity to renounce for a moment to a reality that is already perfectly known. Film allows me to feel things not as they are, but how I wish they were; I know this could seem an immature attitude. So I ask you: what would you do if you were offered the chance to be happy without passing through pains?"

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