Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fernando Callo - 5 things I love about Film

Fernando Callo is a Graphic Design student living in Lima, Perú. In 2010, Fernando discovered his passion for photography and he felt in love immediately. A year later he discovered the fascinating world of film photography and began to experiment. "Since then, I have devoted my life to this discipline, learning, practicing and experiencing particularly much with a Pentax K1000. Now, I only shoot film." Fernando says.
"I also have a Yashica Electro 35 GS, Canon AE-1, Konica C35 V, Kodak Ektralite 10 and Lomography La Sardina Domino."
1. The cameras. This point is really important. There are a lot of analog cameras with unique designs. For example a TLR it's not the same as a rangefinder or a medium format camera. Every model is different, unique and beautiful.

2. The magic. "I don't know how the hell this picture came out". That's awesome! Film photography is all about patience, talent and magic. Developing your own film and pictures is even more magic.

3. The film. There's a bunch of films in the market that you can try. There are negatives, slides, redscales, x-pro, infrarred, B&W, revolog (with really cool effects). You don't have to spend hours post-processing your photos because it depends on the film.

4. It's real. The whole process of film photography is real, you hear the shutter, the mirror (in case of SLRs) going up, the film advance making that "crrrk" sound, the rewind lever. And after that, your roll of film exposed that you have to develop, that's the most exciting thing about film photography.

5. And last but no least, The Unexpected Factor. You don't know how your pictures are going to be, maybe you don't get it at first but that's not a problem, just keep trying because that's what photography is about, practice a lot.

You can find more of Fernando's work on his blog and Flickr.

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