Thursday, March 7, 2013

Capturing Life, with Life Framer Photography Award

Life… The one thing we all take part in but still find difficult to apprehend, capture and define. 6,490,000,000 hits on Google and as many individuals on Earth whole around the globe. Endless conjectures. 60 000 years of evolution and here we are with our cameras!

Life Framer is a new photography award that invites you to take a challenge. Frame an aspect of Life and eventually learn a bit more together. A pretty big task, we know, but hey, we have twelve months! Over the course of the year they’ll be announcing a sub-theme per month, starting with ‘A Modern Life’, open for entries now.

Life Framer is completely independent, and fully crowd-sourced – both the content and the funding to run a 3 week exhibition in London. In it for the winners and a shortlist is prizes, exposure, professional feedback, and the chance to be exhibited at theprintspace.

All photographers are welcome to take part. No matter your style, your professional achievement, your photographic media, your awesomeness, we are interested in your interpretations and points of view. The brief is open for each photographer to interpret and the subject matter can be responded to by the letter or playfully.

Life Framer encourages film and Polaroid entries, to balance the ultra-sharp nature of digital photography. The first judge, Mischa Haller, is both a digital and analogue user and has shot for the likes of Monocle, The Independent and The Times. He has successfully brought the quirkiness of film photography to the corporate world of banking through his commissioned work. You can find out more about him here.

It looks like an original and exciting award, a little different from the myriad of other competitions out there. Discover more and enter at

Happy snapping!

(All images copyright Mischa Haller)

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