Saturday, March 2, 2013

Alex Krook - 5 things I love about Film

Alex Krook, aka Film Fancier on Flickr is a 20 year old history student from London. She has been shooting film for about three years, and below are five main reasons why she loves shooting film:

1. Multiple exposures. Whether on purpose or (more often than not) completely by accident, shooting several scenes on one frame is so specific to analogue photography - and so wonderful.

2. Light leaks. The beauty of the mistake. And such a helpful way to liven up a boring picture.

3. The moment. Unlike digital, a photograph on film cannot be deleted and reshot. When it comes to capturing a moment in time, that's exactly as it should be.

4. Darkness and shadows. Nothing captures light and dark and everything in between like 35mm; it can't be beaten for atmosphere.

5. Looking cool in self portraits. The most important reason of all.

More of her work can be found on Tumblr at and on Flickr at

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