Sunday, March 17, 2013

Adrian Norbert Cuper - 5 things I love about Film

Adrian Norbert Cuper, famous known as tall_bastard is a photographer who lives in Warsaw, Poland. Adrian loves taking photos and shoots only film with his analogue cameras, especially portraits on medium format film.
"When I was little boy I destroyed my mum's camera Lomo LC-A because I was very curious how it works. She was very angry with me. Since then I felt a little bit guilty and I dreamed about my own camera.
I have started to shoot few years ago when I bought an old russian camera Zenit 11. After first roll I knew this is it. Now my cameras collection gets bigger and bigger. I use them all."
And here are 5 reasons why he still shoots film

1. Reality. I started to shoot digital but whenever I saw my pictures, they seemed to be "flat" and "empty". When I tried shooting film the very first time, I was totally in love with the results. Photography became a window to the past, to the world which no longer exist. I could almost touch the memories.

2. Respect. It's very easy to grab a digital camera and shoot photos like a machine gun. After that we can delete 99% of pictures and say that 1% which left is our work. It is not. With film photography we can learn how to be patient and how to respect every single frame on film.

3. Patience. Nothing will teach you patience as much as the waiting for developing your film! ;)

4. Tangibility. Photos taken on film are a true piece of art. You can make a lot of copies, but there is always an original - your very own work. When you take pictures with digital camera, your photos are only virtual. They don't really exist.

5. Control. It's very hard to be tempted to make shooting photos easier, when you don't have a camera which will relieve you from everything. You've got the power and control to make the photo your very own work. From start to the end.

MoreAdrian's work on his Tumblr and his Lomography's Home.

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