Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Women" by Shannon Naudé

Born in Paris in 1988, where Shannon Naudé lived until his facility in Dubai in 2011. Raised in a free and arty cuture from his stylist mother, he early discovered his passion for photography, and decided to devote himself having completed various audio-visual order 'to acquire the necessary technique'.
"I attended photographers like Ellen von Unwerth. Focusing myself to the observation of a variety of technique, I believe that the the technique does not prevail, although it is important to have technical enough to tell a story.
There are two types of photographers, those who take pictures and those who make pictures.What I do and what I love to do is creating an image from thought and making it real throught my camera.
My series of collages is an artistic work because this series comes from recurring dreams, some dating back to childhood. It is with the desire to create from a specific shema my project, steeped in the influences of film culture, and Salvador Dali, being put in place.
Details for me is fundamental, a little something can changes the image. But I try every image does not "look" too long to follow my first draft. But I try every image does not "look" too long to follow my first draft, rework if it is necessary. I stil trust my first impression of dig and keep intact the inspiration that comes from elsewhere without conceptualizing portrait.
I like to photograph women. I do not know if this is because I have been educated by theme but I assure their worships and I think the film is more a result of same softness. The digital is too realistic for me. It remove magic."

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