Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Photographic News - A Photography Magazine from Over 150 Years Ago

The cover of "The Photographic News"

An early photography magazine was published in London from over 150 years ago called "The Photographic News," serving a fledgling community of photographers. You could find a number of issues available in Google Book Search.

Reading through the articles in this magazine shows that, in 1859, photography was really like a form of alchemy practiced at home. While today's camera magazines talk about megapixels or lens quality, the focus of the articles in "The Photographic News" is a bit different. The title of one article reads: "THE MEANS OF RECOVERING SILVER FROM ITS WASTE SOLUTIONS." That's certainly pretty far removed from our own time! What's fascinating about reading this publication is to observe that the challenges people had to overcome were so basic—not in the sense of being "simple," but that photographers of this time had to work directly with the chemical and natural elements at hand to produce anything at all.

(via American Photo)

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