Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shannon Naudé - 5 things I love about Film

Shannon Naudé is a photographer based-in Paris. Brought up in artistic environment by his mother, who works in fashion, Shannon Naudé discovered his passion for photography very early on. He decided to devote himself to this passion after various courses in audio-visual studies.

After one year in Dubai, he decided to come back to Paris to work in advertising and he continue photography as a spare time activity. Below are five reasons why Shannon still shoots film.

1. What's fragile is precious

2. It forces us to pay attention to each picture

3. Each film has a soul of its own

4. The film has a sweetness that digital can not match

5. And finally for the film camera we have a French expression that is usually for women but it feets as well: "it is in the old pots that makes the best soups"

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