Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sexual Female Body Photographs by Camilla Storgaard (NSFW)

Camilla Storgaard is a 24 year old photographer who was born Denmark and currently living and working in Berlin. Camilla mostly documents the female body, sexuality and gender. The characters in her photos are mostly club-kids, queers and other run-a-ways like herself.
"I love the beauty of skin, tattoos, retro living-rooms, natural sunlight, strange poses, long hair and objects I've never seen before. But with this said I don't like to put myself in a box. I like to shoot anything that has a model and is poetic and touching in any sense.
I never really take photos without a body. Location and the character of the room I shoot in is still an important part of beautiful photos. I only shoot against white walls if I'm desperate in need of expressing something and have no choice.
Something I really love is the feeling you have after cleaning your whole apartment after months of thinking about it and the adrenalin rush you can get from whatever makes you happy.
Something I hate is dominant people trying to explain and make the rules for what real art is."

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